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tv   The Five  FOX News  September 19, 2012 2:00am-3:00am EDT

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what? >> greta: that is your last call. thank you for being with us tonight. go to there is an open thread. tell us what you thought about tonight's show. good night from washington, d.c.. we'll see you tomorrow night. 10:00 p.m. eastern. >> greg: hello, everyone i'm the lucid leprechaun, greg gutfeld. heels made of steel, andrea tantaros. he's polled like i have moles, joe trippi. the man with the tan, eric bolling. buttons say they're as cute as dana perino. it's dana perino. it's 5:00 st. show is packed tighter than lenny dystra chick. let's do this, america. ♪ ♪ >> greg: okay. so recording it surfing, offending a religion causing
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the fervent followers to go bad. the tape of entitlement to offend obama and the media. hate fact. the truth lives, hate to hear. ashley juddd and eva eva longora found outrage. some are ticked that obama is doing another late-night infomercial, i.e., david letterman, as the globe implodes. i disagree. it's safer to have obama visit a bitter old crank than wor working. consider ten things obama could do instead of letterman. stimulates unemployment and alec baldwin. another auto bail-out, huge success according to people who rides bikes to work. healthcare bill that nobody understands. tax the rich, which will not reduce the crushing deficit. crush a state for trying to
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enforce regulation that the federal government won't enforce. undermine effort to block drilling at home. use the class warfare. ask valley jarret for permission to smoke. wow! none of that is funny at all. maybe letterman can spin failure to the comedy gold. considering what obama has done if doing letterman keeps him busy, good for america. get network to turn all the programming over to obama. wait, they already have. so eric, tonight, letterman. is he going to hol president obama feet to the fire? >> eric: is this a -- >> greg: this is a pattern. you big jerk. >> eric: i wasn't sure. >> greg: should i have a flag pin on here? >> eric: no. it goes above your heart. so yesterday we found out that manufacturing is in the dumpster. today home building gets
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contracting. we know that the foreign policy in shambles. but president obama will take the afternoon, they saw him drive by, in the motorcade. hang out with letterman. tonight going to jay-z 40/40 club. going to hang out with jay-z. maybe he should reconsider the evening. >> romney should be doing this stuff. this is what romney should be doing. this is how you communicate. >> i don't like it. >> it's a change. romney hasn't shown that side of him. >> dana: he has done it a couple of times. he did letterman and his own top ten list. i think they have gone too far on the white house side of things. if you see obama one more time, the comedy shows he has nothing left to say. if you were to tomorrow, do this monologue again and contract pictures of the smile hey, that what's up? all the fun stuff. do an interview with pimp with the limp and then i'm going to do david letterman.
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meanwhile, the ambassador died and conflicting information about the intel. what eric said about the economic news, it should be on the front page but instead we talk about letterman. maybe is it brilliant. >> romney is always too serious and stepping in it a little bit. i think we are in a new time it's not just news programmin programming. there are a lot of people focused -- >> eric: you are doing a good job. doing what the left likes to do. we talk about obama hang out with letterman and you turn it in to what romney should be doing. it works. >> it's a strategy that works. >> andrea: that was the mistake that romney made at the convention. he played in what the pundits said he should have done, more likable. president obama is just the more likable politician. so this election is going to be a choice. who is more likable or who can fix the economy? obama said i don't know how to
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fix the economy or i'm not going to try so i am going to "people" magazine and the gossip magazines. >> we talk about this, he made a conscious decision he was going full bore on behalf of president obama. >> he is going to make fun of romney and possibly hit on the first laid did, right? >> eric: no. >> greg: i want to talk about the fundraising and the romney stuff. there was a controversy today. somebody caught romney talking at fundraising video. run that and then run his response. >> 47% of the people who are with him, who believe that they are victims, who believe government has responsibility and believe they are entitled to healthcare, food, housing, to you name it. entitled. government should give it to them. they will vote for this president no matter what. >> greg: apparently the
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media is going crazy over this, as if it's system kind of blasphemy. now we have had on neil cavuto we had mitt discussing it. miss? >> i believe the right course for america is one where government steps in to help those in need. we are compassionate people. but then we let people build their own lives, create enterprises. we believe in free people and free enterprise, not redistribution. the right course for america is to create growth, create wealth. not to redistribute wealth. >> greg: andrea, romney is outed as a conservative. shouldn't he run with it? >> andrea: i am outraged that a politician would tell the truth these days and say what they mean. up believable. he is standing by what he said, and he should. the wall street came out with a study saying half of americans are reliant on some form of government assistance. if we have forgotten the crisis of the west is one of dependency and overspending. we saw riots in greece for
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that. now we're having a debate sitting around, again instead of talking about the major issues of the day, middle east is burning. instead we sit around going hmm did romney insult the country or not? we're talking about whether it's taboo or not but having the discussion, a lot of people say we shouldn't be. shame on all the people who came out. bill kristol was one of them. i disagree. he said it was arrogant. it was the truth. if we can't have the discussion about that, it says that the country is in denial. >> there are elements of it that are true. most people bay payroll taxes -- most people pay payroll taxes. they don't pay the federal income tax. most of them end up paying more taxes than -- they pay a higher rate than he pays. >> eric: 47% of people don't pay taxes. you can't get around the number. you can say -- his number is right. >> part of this is how things sound and how it comes out.
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the way he says it -- it's the truth, how voters perceive it. sometimes the way that romney talks i think, i understand what he is trying to say sometimes. but it puts people down. there is -- he is -- >> greg: difference between -- >> he doesn't connect with them in a way -- >> greg: he is a boss who says the truth. but the truth often hurts. as opposed to charismatic community organize whose spend time around people. dana, i want to ask you. president obama had a few mistakes last week. >> dana: that we didn't even hear about. in the aftermath of the protest in egypt and libya, he was asked about egypt in an interview with telemundo and he said that egypt is not an ally. hours later, the own state department corrected that and said technically, sir, they are an ally. they had to back track on that. you heard nothing from the media. that is a serious gaffe. this is a president who basically just said to our ally that you are not one of
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us anymore. maybe he said something he believes. but talk about a gaffe. on a presidential level. that is a big one. nobody is talking about it. >> eric: we talk about what mitt romney said. we talk about the expending class. instead of talking about what president obama has not said, how he is going to make sure the expander taker class comes the maker class. what happens when 47%, joe, of nonhousehold pay no income tax, federal income tax? what happens when that is 51%? when it's 451% the class in office, democrats who enabled that are in there for life. it's obvious. >> i think that is right, that is absolutely true. but here is the problem. dana and i were talking about this. when she was paying, got exception for her -- exemption for her mortgage, people doing that worked rear end off for paying the mortgage. not on the take. when he talks about it with
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the insinuation that you are on the take, that is when he does damage to himself. he could get some of those votes. there is something wrong with the way he is articulating it. >> andrea: i think voters are already with him, joe. the voters are trying to get are the independents. what is the number one issue to the independents? spending and debt. this administration has come out and said we're in favor of redistributi. they have sandra fluke talk about it's a right other people pay for her birth control. they squarely doubled down on growing government. anybody else mitt romney has their vote or will win their vote understands that and looks at romney and says i agree. thank you for finally speaking the truth. instead of worried about offending feelings. >> greg: the people he kissed goodbye were already gone. >> i don't think so. i think we were people in the middle america who -- >> dana: it's eke -- >> you can tal call them takers and you don't take responsibility for your life. >> dana: he, himself, said it was inelegant. remember a theme from paul
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ryan vice presidential convention speech? he said i never felt like i had a fixed station in life. i think that's what they are alluding to. >> greg: i got to move on. how did they obtain the snape curious thing. >> eric: no problem. cell phone. think about this for a second. if you want to take mitt romney to task for what he said at private fundraiser? what happens if you follow president obama around tonight at the 40/40 club with a camera and cell phone? are you going to hear something that maybe he doesn't want? >> greg: i'm going with him to the 40/40 club. it was my suggestion. he is picking me up. >> dana: what is 40/40? >> greg: you have never been there? they don't allow jasper. >> dana: i wouldn't go. >> greg: coming up, why don't christian or mormons riot when the religions are mocked? put on the discussion house coat. we'll discuss the heck out of that next. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] if it wasn't for a little thing called the computer,
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>> dana: my hope is that song gets in greg gutfeld's head for the rest of the week. >> greg: i hate that song. that's all my sister played in her room. "jesus christ superstar." >> dana: before we went to break, you talked about the issue we've been talking about, does a video that is put out on youtube give muslims the outrage factor that they deserve to riot and then eventually kill our ambassador? one thing we do in america we make fun of christianity and owl own religion all the time. look at bill maher for a whil an example. >> i'm a non-christian. just like most christians. jesus lays on the hippe stuff pretty thick. lines like do not repay evil with evil and do not take revenge on someone who wrongs you. really? it's in that book you hold up when you scream at gay people.
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>> dana: i don't think anybody rioted after that. and nobody riot whence they go see the best-selling broadway musical "the book of mormons." take a look at this. >> ♪ hello, i'm elder young ♪ did you know jesus lives here in the usa ♪ ♪ mormon trust believes ♪ heavenly father >> dana: i haven't seen it myself but i want to get there. and "saturday night live" stainle in the '9 os -- stainle in the '90s. check -- a staple in the '90s. check it out. >> i'm the church lady. this is church chat. please welcome shirley maclaine. >> i believe that jesus and buddha and muhammad for all great spiritual leaders. >> so you give muhammad and bud da equal billing with jesus. well, who helped you with your little ideas, shirley?
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who could it be? oh, i don't know. satan? >> dana: one of the classics. andrea, what is so funny about religion to us? what gives us the confidence to laugh about it? and then you see the alternate view in the muslim world. >> we know if we laugh about it we probably won't be stopped to death or murdered or killed. we have free speech. but the bible teaches to turn the other cheek when you are offended. radical islamic jihaddist interpret the quran to say something much, much different. they believe, again, if you read bernard lewis, the prophet muhammad argued day and night of fighting is better than fasting or prayer. this is what they take to heart. our country is different than other countries. i really would hope, dan ab, if bill maher and others are serious about tolerance and all that other stuff that they would join, we should all be joining together, because muslims, i mean for making few of muslims and gays and women,
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they don't just abhor that in certain countrys. they actually will kill you over that. this is a fight we should all been a together. >> dana: this is the thing i talk about earlier. joe, you are an expert in branding and marketing and p.r. now with the 24/7 news cycle and the access to social media and twitter, you actually could be outraged every second of the day. so, what can we do to help the muslim world have a little bit more of a tallrance level or sense of humor? >> joe: i think that is a long way off. >> dana: your next calling. >> joe: what this is, we think that people are sovereign. they believe, the radicals believe allah is sovereign. that is a much different thing. we love life. radicals love the afterlife. so, when you get, i mean, that is where this is a difficult thing for either side to get inside each other's head and understand it. >> dana: do you think it will be a generationm thing? >> eric: i don't know. they may never come around to
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it. you're touching on something that is at the root, root cause. they don't laugh at themselves. muslims do not have the sense of humor about themselves. that may be the one thing that is unique about muslim or islam than any other religion or any other culture in world. everyone else laughs at them. delane is a few. not like that. davies can be a great way to get a point across, right? >> greg: i wouldn't know. the thing that isla islamophobia phobia. this is when usually rampant among the media where they try to, if they sense -- they have a fear of being seen as though they might hurt islamic feelings which is the worst way to go about life. it s to worry about other people's feelings. ask my wife. i don't do that. if you sit around and run your life based on who you might offend, you might as well never leave your room. stay there. >> dana: i want to pull up a picture from the 1987
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photograph, are controversial. this is by american artist. this got a lot of attention but it did not cause riots. >> andrea: because offending christians is the last acceptable form of bigotry in this country. to your point, greg, think about it, a lot of the media, they get outraged at christians. bill maher is comfortable making fun of christians and other religions in fairness. but they make fun of christians, like he said screaming at them with a bible against gay people. again, two gay men would likely be slaughtered walking down the street of ramallah a other countries. that's what we're talking about. peaceful muslims need to join together. that's why the media needs to stop going after christians and focus on as you said islamic pressure. >> dana: what would be amazing niche market for a cleric is if they were funny. they might be able to change an entire world. do you think, joe? >> joe: this has been going
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on for centuries. it's not going to geted. >> dana: larry dade on "curb your enthusiasm" when he makes fun of jewish people, nothing funnier than that. it helps uses up each other. i don't make muslim jokes. >> eric: christian making fun of himself. if you make fun of your own culture and religion and nationality, it seems to be acceptable in the muslim world. they just, that is something they don't do. for the life of me i can't figure out why. >> dana: all right. good discussion as always. thank you, everybody. coming up, the holder justice department is caught coordinating with the liberal group. you know them. media matters to attack the critics. eric has the details next. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> eric: welcome back. is the department of justice colluding with the left wing propaganda site media matters? ap e-mails obtained by the daily caller. the eric holder d.o.j. doesn't like it when reporters criticize them. remember the black panther voting scandal hit? we remember the fast and furious botched gup rupping operation. fox news covered it extensively. when those stories broke, the d.o.j. would coordinate with the media matters, which is run by this slime ball david bratch to smear people doing reporting. tracy smaller, one of the top officials at the d.o.j. was information gatherer and disseminator for media matters. greg, you're smiling. >> greg: i am outraged to allow media matters to be
2:28 am
influenced by a left wing group like department of justice. >> eric: very good. >> greg: no wonder media matters changed so much. they have eric holder pulling the strings. it's horrible. by the way, this is huge in my opinion. doing this with a right wing media group, it would be all over the place. even though i was giving you a bit of shtick a year ago about "fast and furious," it was a big story. big enough that the white house was colluding. >> eric: that is the important thing. the white house went to media matters, matt gertz, i don't know if we have a picture, the white house contacted gertz and said we need to look further in to what representative issa is saying while he was investigating that same d.o.j. >> andrea: shameful. if you look at the way that media matters built itself it says it's designed to essential kate and correct misinformation. it's been exposed. it has up with job, the propaganda arm of the
2:29 am
administration and obama campaign. it needs to own up and say that's what it does. look, you can deduct a charitable contribution to media matters. media matters is promoting up with candidate, barack obama. you can't deduct contribution to obama, so you shouldn't be able to deduct them to the propaganda arm. >> joe: but the media research center is -- >> eric: stay on it, joe. stay on media matters. we have documents going from media matters to the department of justice and back and forth. >> joe: they're tax except, too. >> eric: stay on this issue. should the white house call the left wing -- >> joe: have you read any of the e-mails? they're like ridiculous. there is not anything in the e-mails. >> dana: some of them are fairly benign. it surprised me the head of communication. i didn't have time to do anything. you get 85 calls a day. op a little pink slip, the old ones while you were out. you get 85 calls, return calls. all you did was say no comment. it's just the department of
2:30 am
justice changed a lot. >> eric: tracy smaller saying give me a call, do you have time to talk? then the story pops up. >> joe: the e-mails were innocuous. it went out to a lot of people like info e-mails that go out. 60 of them in two years. it just seems to me that yes, they're tax exempt, but that is not the same as taking government money. >> i got to tell you -- >> i'm never mad at you. not so far. >> eric: the e-mails from people, tracy smaller, the d.o.j. contact on all of them. went to three or four blogger at media matters. >> andrea: you're mad at me? what did i do? i miss bob. you get mad at me more than he does. look at the history of the media matters. they insist pra preying after fx news. this not what they built themselves as educating. they are in the business of
2:31 am
personally destroying and smearing people's lives. you shouldn't donate to them and get charitable deduction. they don't want to hear both sides of the story. get both sides, they come after you with a vengeance. >> joe: donate to heritage and donate to -- >> andrea: but they don't follow the fox news anchors around. >> dana: a lot of places today were criticizing mitt romney. media matters never does that. is there is a distinct difference with media matter. different animal. than a think tank. they don't think. >> greg: it makes you wonder what it's like for the thig and christmas dinners when an employee for media matters those go home and explain to his parent what is he does for a living. i sit in front of a t and i take notes and try to bust people i don't like. then they give them the pat. >> dana: he says i have a great relationship with the director of communication at the department of justice. we talk all the time. >> andrea: that's assuming they don't live at home. i thought the media matters bloggers lived in their parent's basements. >> eric: when the depennsylvania of justice, tracy smaller says to blogger
2:32 am
look in to this, darrell issa, what he is saying while darrell issa is investigating the department. unethical, illegal. who knows? maybe all of them? no? am i missing this? >> joe: i'm sure darrell issa will be investigating it. >> eric: we can only hope so, joe. >> joe: then i'd investigate darrell issa. >> andrea: just be what you are. stop billing yourself as something different. stop the tax exempt deductible status. >> joe: it doesn't have anything to do with it. >> eric: say hello to bellying up to the bar and pick up a pregnancy test in minnesota? andrea has ridiculous stories when we come back. ♪ ♪
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eastern. now back to new york and five five. ♪
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♪ >> andrea: welcome back to "the five." the cranson school district is outlawing father-daughter dances and mother-son events. why? a single mother said it violated the state gender discrimination act. no more dances. they bapped the tradition they have had for a very long time. no mother-son events as well. they say this is very upsetting to a lot of the students but the single mother said my daughter doesn't have a dad. and therefore, these dances should be banned outright. another example of overreaction? >> eric: yeah. this is what the aclu has time to do? this reminds me of the freedom from religion groups who waste their time trying to figure out which major seen they can pull away from public building. so many things they could spend time on. real civil libertys being
2:39 am
impeded or trampled on. on >> greg: it's easy to rent a dad. go to craigslist. i do it all the time. this is a casualty of are gressive tolerance. been a everything so one thing does not offend somebody. you nothing left. in a weird kind of twist, we are now allowing for all sort of weird behavior while getting rid of traditional behavior. because for fear of offending certain groups while not caring about others. >> andrea: dan ab federally gender discrimination laws except these events. but rhode island has already said no, no, no. we don't have that law here. they have gone out of their way. >> dana: this is what happens when 62% of the law school graduates are the only ones that can find jobs. the rest of them have to figure out a way to use that degree. that's what they are doing here. the first thing that the aclu
2:40 am
thought of is government is the solution. not finding hay, neighbor dad, take my daughter with yours. find her a best friend or find an uncle, find someone -- was there no other solution than filing a lawsuit? >> eric: or greg. >> dana: i would not recommend that. stay home. >> greg: that is a terrible thing to say. chaperon. >> andrea: the first time the aclu has been involved. they got involved and prayer banner at the school. take down the prayer banner. so the aclu likes the school a lot. >> joe: one of the signs of apocalypse. i agree with all of you. >> dana: did you know the woman's first name is julia? >> andrea: good one. >> dana: thank you for getting it. >> andrea: from dancing with your daddy to could you be a daddy? now you can belly up for bar and ask for a long island long tea give me an ept as well. yes, folks, minnesota is now the first bar to sell pregnancy tests. for $3 in the vending machine in the bathroom. >> greg: if you go to a bar to be tested for pregnancy is
2:41 am
me going to gynecologist to get jaggermeister shots. but it's a great way to get rid of a guy hitting on you. >> dana: or before i buy you a drink, go in there and bring out the evidence. you know what i mean? remember cato cailin? >> eric: better off having std test. >> dana: that's next. >> joe: a lot of women don't want to drink if you're pregnant. >> andrea: if you a woman who thinks she could possibly be pregnant why would you be in a bar anyway? we'll assume that woman is responsible enough to say oh, you know what? before my harvey wallbanger i should go in the bathroom and get tests. >> joe: you talk about the market. let the market decide. >> dana: scary thing there is a market for it. >> eric: are you pregnant? she goes no, i'm just fat. go prove it. >> andrea: never ask a woman if she is pregnant.
2:42 am
>> greg: this comes down to zero tolerance about pregnant women drinking which is bogus. if anybody deserves the drink it's a pregnant woman. if you talk to any doctor, and i'm making this fact up, but if you talk to any doctor they will tell you one, two drinks is fine. zero tolerance, they talk about fetal alcohol syndrome as a bad thing. for most women, you can have a cocktail or glass of wine or two and god knows they need it. >> andrea: greg, you will be relieved to note two months in the experiment, 12 tests have been sold. >> greg: wow! >> dana: in the break we could figure out what else to sell in bar bathroom. >> andrea: toot one. all right. he's probably done it all. coming up, hollywood keeps doing their part to help president obama. this time working pro-obama care plot lines in the theme of pop already shows like modern family and "gray's anatomy." joe trippi has it on deck next. ♪ ♪ >pópó
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♪ ♪ jose it looks like hollywood may take a major role in pushing the healthcare law. they have hired a big-time p.r. firm that is going to work with shows like "modern family" and "grey's annotmy" to weave obamacare in plot of the show. greg, you hang out with the hollywood types. what do you think of this? >> greg: this is fantastic. finally "gray's anatomy" might be interesting. the deal, wonder why we perceive the media as bias. this is propaganda to make putin blush. they should not stop there. do sports, play-by-play. brendan belt hits a home run just like obama did with healthcare reform. >> dana: this is why i watch shows like "justify." this would not happen. this is modeled after earth week. this drives me crazy with the
2:48 am
green week and every sitcom is about how you should make sure you turn off the lights when you leave the room and all that stuff. it drives me insane and make mess watch something else. >> eric: can't we just have california sede from the union. >> dana: what could go wrong? >> joe: this is designed to give pickup of the program. >> dana: smart p.r. thing but as greg said it's slightly disturbing. >> andrea: look what happened in massachusetts when they came out with romneycare. the problem was people weren't signing up for it and it became an issue. people who were signing up were really sick. that's costly. so the feds are picking up the tab for the obamacare exchanges. eventually they will start to push it up on the states. california won't be able to afford it. they will need hollywood celebrities to say things like i look so great in my dress because of obamacare. i wouldn't be here without obamacare. >> dana: thigh need to invest in reality show, not
2:49 am
sitcom. reality show of emergency rooms in the u.k. doctor office and you wait for 18 weeks after you get your prostate test to get trea treatment. it could be effective. are you with me? >> joe: i'm with you. still trying to get california -- >> eric: they need healthy people to sign up. that is the only way it doesn't sink the system. >> andrea: adverse election. you have sick people in that are costly and you need healthy people. that's whey they are doing this propaganda. >> dana: this should give you pause about california. one member of the exchange board, they are talking about what to call this thing. they are trying to brand it. come up with a name. they come up with the word "avocado" and she says i'm kind of drawn to avocado. that is about hormone and hunger. not about a healthcare program. >> greg: that is an amazing color for a refrigerator. >> dana: and a dishwasher.
2:50 am
>> greg: holwood has been the propaganda arm for bad ideas. >> joe: we have to get on to the next topic. by now everyone has heard about the topless photo of kate middle top. today a french judge ruled publishing the pictures isn't allowed and they have to give them back to the royal family. dana, what do you think? >> dana: i was explaining to greg the other day he can't pose nude any longer on ninth avenue because he is so famous now his privacy is gone. >> greg: stop taking the pictures and i'll stop posing nude. >> joe: what do you mean you need strong lens? >> greg: you know, she was caught -- [ laughter ] topless on a french resort. my heart goes out to her. >> andrea: she looked so terrible. men and women -- she looked great. but bump out carly simon "it's too late baby." the pictures are out there.
2:51 am
nothing they can do. so what? magazines give them a couple thousands dollars. >> dana: just flip them the double bird next time she goes out. it's never going to end. pictures will be out there. >> joe: double bird? the thing that is prince harry and prince william lost their mom because of stuff like this. i just think when i look at -- make fun of this, but for them to be going through similar things now. >> andrea: right by the road. she took her top -- it's different than princess diana. >> joe: it's still illegal. >> andrea: you can get criminal punish in the france for these kind of photos. >> dana: if you can afford the kind of clothes, you might want to wear them. >> greg: i have a fetish. i go around and take picture of people putting clothes on. >> joe: you have a weird feteish? that's hard to believe.
2:52 am
>> greg: anyway, i'll shut up now. >> andrea: okay. >> greg: reverse pornography. >> joe: one more thing is up next. ♪ ♪
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>> greg: drop it off at the cleaners, okay? all right, time for one more thing. yesterday was the anniversary of occupy wall street.
2:56 am
so we sent bill schultz from "red eye" down there to talk to a few people down there. a smidgeon. davi >> shave is at the pro -- shay is at the protest. what have you seen from a year's worth of occupy? the strong but silent type. >> you find out that almost all the bankers that were responsible for the collapse of wall street were jewish. >> i need simplicity. >> it's just to say that everything is not okay. >> and i think that is a universal thing that everybody can agree with. >> are we talking about the fact that nets are in brooklyn or ryan reynolds is off the market? >> whatever, what have you think is not okay. >> is it not okay that ryan reynolds is off the market. >> greg: as usual, he finds the truth. >> joe: which one is the occupier? >> greg: good point. eric? >> eric: a guy named hue atkins makings funny videos. they can this one out. >> somebody invested in roads and bridges. if you got a business, you didn't build that.
2:57 am
♪ ♪ ♪ you didn't build that ♪ ♪ ♪ you didn't build that ♪ oh, oh, oh, oh, ♪ you didn't build that ♪ ♪ ♪ you didn't build that ♪ you didn't build that ♪ ♪ ♪ you didn't build that >> eric: it goes on. a great video. he has done a bunch of these. romney and everybody else, george bush. >> andrea: my video is not as funny, especially if you're in little boy in it. a fox reporter found out when he was at the fall harvest festival in colorado. watch what happens. >> "e" equals mc squared. get the camera off my face. i'll take this cantaloupe. >> dan, don't make him cry.
2:58 am
>> andrea: so this reporter sees this kid and he wants to go up and make fun of him because he looks like einstein and the kid starts crying. dan tried to make amends the rest of the festival, and the child kept ignoring him. that's happened to me before. >> greg: never talk to a baby. that's what the authorities tell me. joe? >> joe: time to tell the truth about my -- >> dana: relationship. >> joe: relationship with karl rove. it turns out -- >> andrea: my gosh. what are you going to say? you look so nervous right now. >> joe: he is not darth vader without a helmet. we were at "fox friends" and racing segways this guy turns to me, karl turns to me and his hands are shaking saying like now let's not go too ploy. that is how you beat him. >> joe: what happened. i said right, we're not going to go too fast and i jammed on the glass. >> dana: you should have
2:59 am
tried it in 2000. >> joe: "relationship" was not the right word. >> andrea: you are talking about jamming on the gas and going fast. someone is overhearing you and not seeing that, they thought something else. >> greg: the guy that owned the segway died on the segue? i want to point that out. >> dana: live by the sword, die by the sword. i have a one more thing. we were graced with joe trippi today. he is here. there is a lot of things we don't know about joe. everybody is getting to know him a little bit. what surprised me was this picture that was in tampa, florida. this is a secret life of joe trippi. exposed by our own karl rove. joe, you have some explaining to do about this. >> greg: dana, you look great! >> joe: he set me up. he set me up. he had them come behind me. they were on the set of "fox and friendsment" he had them sneak up -- >> andrea: that is the


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